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Set a level-based (node-level), tag-based (group), or custom (individual) background/photo for the selected node.

You can set tag-based and custom settings here; photo/background for different levels has to added here.

1. Select Basic tab Within Node tab

Click on a node on the chart.

(Figure 1 : Node Settings-Basic)

2. Click on Change Button, to change the background brush/image/stock.

(Figure 2 : Background Selector)

3. Click on Color Button to change color, Click on Select button to change image. Also see item 4, below.

NOTE: Set an appropriate Alpha Value to set transparency of the color.

(Figure 3 : Color Selector)

4. Select Custom & Click on Change Button to change node photo, Click on Change button to change image.

(Figure 4 : Image Resizer)