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DaqReady Edition - Yoctopuce Extensions

Release: 5.7
Last Updated: 20 August 2020
Download Yoctopuce Extension for DaqPlaner.
(Size: 780 KB)
See Yoctopuce Usage and Demo (Video)

Yoctopuce Sensors, Devices & Enclosures

Yoctopuce have a well-maintained set of devices and sensors, with standardized interfaces and communication protocols. You can use multiple wireless hubs and modules, to determine the total number of sensors for data collection. DaqPlaner handles 100+ sensors comfortably, and gives the user, the optimized best of parallel execution.

Visit Yoctopuce for more information and to purchase the sensors, devices (modules) and enclosures. Temperature, Humidity, CarbonDioxide, Voltage (AC/DC), Current (AC/DC), Power, Light, Pressure sensors are supported. Please make sure that which all modules can be used with DaqPlaner, contacting Yoctopuce.

It is Easy 6 Steps

To start live monitoring and analysis (Usage and Demo Video):

  1. 1. Collect some Yoctopuce sensors and optional IP Connectivity (suggested).
  2. 2. Place your sensors on the data center (on a rectangular matrix layout), and connect (USB) or make it accessable through your network (IP).

  3. 3. Install DaqPlaner and Yoctopuce Extension.
  4. 4. In DAQ Settings Screen (DaqPlaner), attach usb or IP addresses in Data Sources tab (if multiple, type in lines).
  5. 5. In Layout Definition tab, click on the 'From Library' link to list the connected serials. Arrange serial order (in lines), to match its physical positioning.

  6. 6. Save and click on START button (on toolbar), to start data collection and for live spatial monitoring.