Visual DAQ DaqPlaner - Planar Data Analysis

Layout Definition

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(Figure 1 : DAQ Layout Definition)



Data Items

Unique names or serial numbers of the sensors, one each per line. The items will be automatically layout (row-wise from left to right), according to the matrix size. You can give custom names (often short, location names) after a semi-colon(;). Also, you can opt to display serial/custom name/ The selected option will be displayed in the spreadsheet, on data collection.

Data Items box behaves like a multi-line textbox (similar to notepad). You can cut and paste lines of text (ignoring the overlay-ed lines), wherever you want, to specify the order of sensors in the layout. Arrange the serials so that it reflects the actual physical positioning in the data center.

From Library Link: You can automatically fetch the serial list, if you are using an extension (custom) library for the device (See Data Source tab).

Columns, Rows

Columns and rows in the layout. If (RowsXColumns) > Sensors, new zones (sensor groups) will be created. New zones are shown as tabs (bottom of the layout preview).

Zone Names

Name for each group of sensors, together with the sensor type. You can omit sensor types, if multi-pod sensor (sensor pods) specified in Data Source tab. The groups are determined by sensor order in Data Items list and by the matrix size, as shown in the right-hand-side Layout Preview.


Zone backgrounds (layout photo - image files) for each of the zones respectively. Give absolute (full) file paths for custom files (other than samples included with the setup).

(Table 1 : Fields Description)