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Data Acquisition (DAQ) is the process measuring environmental conditions. DAQ process involves the sampling of signals that represent the environmental conditions, converting the resulting samples into numeric values, and  data-processing of that numeric values by a computer. DAQ is basically analog to digital conversion (ADC) and data analysis. Electrical signals are converted to digital values (voltage, current, resistance, temperature, humidity, airflow etc.). Following figure depict the components of a data acquisition system:
data acquisition system components
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1. Desired Qualities of a DAQ Application Software

  • Ease of Use - Platform-based DAQ software are equally useful for DAQ system developers (programming) and end users (configuration).
  • Configurability (End Users) - Functionality of the platform should be sufficient for most of the functionalities (logging, alerts, control etc.) expected from your measurement system, without much of programming (more of the functionality can be enabled by configuration).
  • Ease of Integration (Developers) - Programming should be based on standard programming languages. Developers should not have to learn/restricted to another programming/scripting language to do the basic integration. The learning curve should be minimal.
  • Ease of Distribution (Developers) - It should be easy to transfer the configuration settings of a customized DAQ system, to an end user. The platform should allow the creation of single click setups for this purpose.
  • Modelling - DAQ application software should support the visual modelling of your data center (measurement system).
  • Visual Monitoring - Should support maximum visibility (3D, if viable) to your measurement system, even remotely over web.
  • Extendibility - Doors should be open to the developers, to alter the functionality of the platform with their on components, and user interfaces, in their own choice of programming languages.
  • Future Ready - Functionality of the platform should be customizable, at a later point of change in requirements.
  • Support - Expert support (and help manuals) should be available for the platform, for suggestions on implementations.

2. DAQ Application Software Products - Visual DAQ Platform

  • Visual DAQ - 3D Data Center Modelling, Data Acquisition, Visual Monitoring & Analysis System.
  • DaqPlaner - Data Acquisition, Heat-Map Analysis, Multi-Point Analysis

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