OrgDoc - Organize Data Using Organization Charts

The above video demonstrate how to use OrgDoc (Organization Chart Creator & Data Organizer Software), to organize, group, and manage your data. OrgDoc is a master document creator software. OrgDoc can be used as your Personal Data Manager Software / Album Software / Data Organizer / File Organizer.

You can associate an internal spreadsheet and rich editor to each node of the data chart. Also can attach one or more external documents to a node, and can save and backup as a single master document (*.odoc).

Also, you can open sample Organization Documents (*.odoc) in OrgDoc, and look into designer tabs, to see how it is designed. Sample Organization Documents can be downloaded here.

Also see the video on How to Customize Data Organizer?

Import/Input - Bulk Data Editor


Import tabular data from Excel file (xls/xlsx) or add nodes in designer and input data.

Use Bulk (Data) Editor & Tree (Hierarchy) Editor for quick and easy data editing.

Organization Chart - Full View

Chart Designer

Different layouts, node sizing options, node photos, tags, backgrounds, categorization of nodes.

Drag and drop nodes to any node. Export chart data to Excel. Export chart to image and PDF formats.

Data Organizer - External Documents

Data Organizer

Keep all your associated data in one place, for better viewability and backup. Each node has a spreadsheet and rich document associated with it. An ODOC is a master document, to which you can attach & reopen, external files too.